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Eliminate the age-old trial and error method when making tenons to fit your mortise and do it perfectly the first time with the Bridge City Tools TM-1 Tenonmaker.

Parts milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for durability. Only a few moving parts which quickly allow for simple and precise calibration to the blade and the mortise. Fool proof and accurate way to make tight fitting tenons. Works with tenons up to 2” (51mm) wide.


Mortise and tenon joints go back a long way in woodworking and are one of the strongest methods of joining two pieces of wood. A precise fit is essential to insuring a strong and durable joint and most of us have used the trial and error method often involving chisels and planes in order to achieve that fit. The TM-1 Tenonmaker is a diabolically simple tool which takes the guesswork out of sizing the tenon and results in such a precise fit that you will want to find ways to show off these joints in your finished work. The TM-1, like its cousin, the KM-1 Kerfmaker, is basically a flip stop which allows you to calibrate your sawblade and the width of the mortise so that you can quickly cut absolutely perfect tenon cheeks up to 2” wide on the first attempt. You can custom size the tightness of your tenon for a friction fit or a slip fit when you calibrate for the size of the mortise. With the TM-1 in the mortise, turn the workpiece upside down. If the TM-1 remains in place, you will produce a friction fit. Loosen the TM-1 slightly (so it would fall out when turned upside down) and you have a slip fit. Click on the link to see the TM-1 in action.

4-1/8” (104.2mm) x 1-1/2” (37.6mm) x ½” (12.7mm)

Bridge City TM-1 Tenonmaker

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